Writing and Communication Skills

Intelligent and engaged members of an organization are often frustrated when their hard work does not appear to receive the attention it deserves. Even when you are able to move forward the level of effort required can be daunting. This is frequently an indication that updated writing and communications skills could be of significant assistance. The ability to clearly and efficiently write coupled with negotiation and presentation skills form a powerful communications skillset that can accelerate your projects, programs and career.

One of the most enduring, value-add life skills is the ability to write well. This goes far beyond grammar and vocabulary as the written form of communication is now digitally captured for posterity. Writing well allows you to provide an audience with the full picture of what you are seeking to accomplish. It lets you "sell" your ideas effectively and reduces the effort required to accomplish objectives, goals and tasks. We offer training that efficiently covers the fundamentals so that you can deliver the clarity and structure that gets things done confident that your written efforts will achieve short term results and stand the test of time. We also offer more specialized courses for technical writing and writing for the web.

The modern workplace is a rapidly evolving communications challenge. Navigating the pressures and sensitivities of the organization are only part of the issue, you also have to efficiently "sell" your ideas and analyses. We offer opportunities in both areas that will allow you to address the inevitable workplace tensions while moving your projects and programs forward. The ability to deal well with colleagues and staff is not only critical to career success at any level it is absolutely essential for anyone whose position involves a leadership component. Thought provoking and painstakingly current, we have the learning you need.