Microsoft® Power BI

Unlocking Your Data’s Potential

2 days

Anyone who is responsible for handling data, conducting analyses or supporting analysts with meaningful, easy to understand visualizations that are intended to develop and communicate evidence-based insights will find the capabilities that these tools provide to be of tremendous benefit.


All organizations these days have significant data holdings. Leadership wants evidence to support their
decision making and they know about the data. They want answers to their questions. Unlocking the
value hiding in the data with limited resources is the challenge. Fortunately, Microsoft has been hard at work developing BI capabilities that are laser focused on this requirement. Microsoft Power BI Desktop is an excellent tool for building data models that let you explore and perform analyses with efficiencies you have only dreamed about. It really is that good. You will learn how to effectively transform raw data into a workable format and disseminate that refined data throughout your organization.


Power BI Topics Covered
Module 1: Introducing Power BI

  • What is Power BI?
  • What does self-service BI really mean?
  • What are the different products and forms of Power BI?

Module 2: Getting Power to the Desktop!

  • Installing Power BI Desktop
  • Learning the interface
  • Configuring Power BI Desktop

Module 3: It’s All About the Data

  • Understanding your data
  • The ins and outs of relational data, DAX
  • The joys of CSV
  • Importing/loading data
  • Organizing the stuff
  • Pivoting data
  • Direct connection to your data
  • The cloud as a data source
  • Unique data access needs? Let’s talk API!

Module 4: Now You See It

  • Working with data
  • Working with data from multiple sources
  • Modeling data
  • Calculations
  • Measures
  • Relational data and DAX revisited

Module 5: Efficient Reports and Visualizations

  • Creating Power BI reports
  • Creating a Power BI Dashboard
  • Managing a Power BI solution
  • Access to outputs: Sharing and Controls