Yin and Yang in the Workplace

1 days

This workshop is for men and women who want to bridge the gender gap to create of more harmonious work relationships. This is a critical skill for all leaders.


There are many ‘pink elephants’ – issues that don’t get acknowledged or spoken of – in the work place. One of those is the dynamics between men and women.

Science has proven that men and women each have different skills and abilities that can contribute to an effective and productive workplace and yet these differences are often misunderstood or ignored. Understanding the gender-specific strengths and challenges in the workplace will allow participants to be better leaders and team players while building positive and supportive work environments.

The Taoist principles of Yin and Yang are used in this workshop to understand the feminine and masculine energies within the natural world including ourselves. This approach offers additional solutions to deal with the differences between the genders, and how to bridge the gender gap.

Engage with both men and women to explore this core work- place dynamic in an interactive, experiential and fun way and learn more about yourself in the process.


Workshop Benefits

  • Enhanced awareness of and sensitivity to gender differences allowing unbiased leadership
  • Appreciation of the unique gifts of each gender in contributing to any task in the work place
  • Greater ability to cooperate with the other gender and resolve tense situations
  • Reduced tension or “charge” in relationships with the opposite gender allowing a new level of team work
  • Maximizing the respective contributions of men and women in the workplace
  • Ability to support the opposite gender Emergence of a cohesive and focused team approach Greater self- awareness as the core leadership competency
Skills Taught: 

What You Will Learn

  • To understand the gender-specific challenges both women and men face in the workplace
  • How the feminine view of the world fits with the masculine design of organizations
  • Basic Taoist principles of Yin & Yang
  • To assess the balance of Yin and Yang within yourself
  • To understand the differences between genders
  • To identify sources of gender conflict impacting work situations
  • How to use the Yin and Yang principles to identify solutions for bridging the gender gap
  • To recognize common passive aggressive gender games The cost of not dealing with gender issues