Managing the Self Talk Within

2 days

This workshop is truly for everyone. Knowing the why and how of your inner director will enable a more centered, authentic and understanding dialogue in both your work and personal life.


In these days of fiscal restraints employees are continually asked to do more with less, often leading to intense stress and potential burn out. We are all familiar with these external factors, yet what we are often unaware of are the internal stressors, which have just as big of an impact.

These internal tensions manifest inside each of us as inner self talk. A large component of our thinking consists of internal dialogue that is critiquing, judging and pushing us. This self talk may, on the surface, appear to be beneficial as it seems to be about ‘improving’ us, keeping us on the straight and narrow, warning us of possible perils, and generally directing us.

However, when we fail to meet the standard of our inner self talk, self criticism and self judgment often occurs. These inner monologues contribute to an inner climate of lack of self trust, insecurity, anxiousness and tension, and yet we are often unconscious of the connection.


How the human mind works

  • A simple and powerful model of the functions of the human mind
  • How universal the struggle is with the inner negative self talk
  • The importance of self awareness for freedom and choice

To identify the inner self talk

  • To become aware of the impact of negative self talk on your life and work situation
  • To recognize the self defeating patterns in yourself and others

How to master the self talk

  • To recognize and stop negative self talk in the moment
  • To establish a personal action plan for dealing with negative self talk
Skills Taught: 

At the end of this workshop, you will be equipped to:

  • Master your own talk to increase self confidence, reduce inner stress and burn-out
  • Maintain poise and calm in stress situations
  • Apply a specific personal action plan to sustain a positive and constructive outlook in the work place
  • Bring more diplomacy (sensitivity) to managing your employees
  • Shift from self-sabotaging to an empowered management style
  • Build the confidence and morale of your team
  • Foster empowering relationships with peers, employees and management