Leadership Through Self Awareness

1 days

This powerful self awareness workshop will be relevant to anyone who wants to grow and make a fundamental change in his/ her work personal life. Development of self awareness is particularly critical for all leaders and decision makers.


Have you ever thought about how it is possible for change to happen in yourself and others? What allows us to learn from our mistakes, to be able to make new choices, and to climb another rung on the ladder of our personal and collective evolution? Self awareness is the foundation for all growth, expansion and transformation. It is the single most important competency for developing any intelligence – at the physical, emotional, interpersonal or cognitive level.

The tool of awareness is similar to a flashlight. Usually our awareness flashlight is focused outward, on other people and our environment, while our inner world, from which our decisions and actions actually spring, is beyond conscious awareness. This is why we tend to repeat patterns or make similar mistakes over and over. Until we learn to become aware of our core underlying beliefs, thoughts and emotions, we will remain trapped in our old habits however ineffective they may be. With self awareness, personal transformation becomes possible.


Course objectives

  • How to be in the moment, connected to the power of now - even under stress
  • How to accurately ‘read’ your personal and work environments
  • The value and practice of being non judgmental
  • How to respond rather than react to situations
  • To check in with yourself before you speak - to ensure what you plan to say will be appropriate and effective
  • Practices to increase self awareness which can be used alone or with others, at work or at home
Skills Taught: 

Workshop Benefits

  • Become more aware of strengths you can harness to address challenges
  • Approach problem-solving from a broader, more insightful perspective
  • Access more choices for moving forward
  • Become less judgmental and improve interpersonal relationships