Essentials of Time Management

Investing your time wisely

1 days

This workshop is designed for employees at all levels of the organization, who are committed to making changes to gain better control of their day, and to enhance their time management skills.


As we deal with ongoing changing priorities, environment, multiple deadlines and decision making, it is easy to feel overwhelmed in today’s workplace and get the sense that the days are too short to meet all the demands. This workshop will help you examine the causes behind some of the time management common traps and patterns and provide a framework for more effective use of your time. The workshop will also provide you with tools and techniques to take back with you at work to help overcome habits, to stay focused on the right priorities and to improve your overall performance.

  • Introduction and concepts of time management
  • Time management assessment
  • Tools and techniques to improve planning and scheduling
  • Avoiding distractions and common traps
  • Managing overload
Skills Taught: 

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Apply a range of time management tools and techniques
  • Apply the 80/20 rule
  • Categorize tasks using the Urgent/Important Matrix
  • Manage email
  • Set daily rituals for better productivity
  • Develop meaningful goals and objectives
  • Establish priorities
  • Overcome procrastination

Maria Sowden- Weingarden

Maria has more than twenty-five years of experience leading seminars, corporate training programs and workshops in a wide variety of public, private, health, educational and non-profit sectors.

Maria believes that the most valuable untapped resource of any organization is its people. By developing people and building healthy working environments we create a culture that maximizes an individual’s potential and consequently produces incredible results. She leads workshops that optimize individual competencies and bring spirit and values to the workplace. Maria’s relaxed, lively, entertaining delivery style captures and maintains the attention of her audience. She delivers messages that are compelling, thought-provoking and inspirational.

Maria has received praise from workshop attendees for her vast knowledge, exceptional communication skills, and keen sense of humour. She has an uncanny ability to read an audience and expertly tailor the course to meet the needs of the attendees.

Starting from the inside and progressing outward, Maria helps people move through obstacles such as feelings of fear and doubt by coaching and inspiring them towards creative empowerment to achieve their personal and professional goals.