Plain Language: Tips and Tricks

Techniques to deliver a clear message

1 days

This workshop is designed for officers, analysts, and specialists at all levels of the organization, who are responsible for producing or reviewing written documents. Whether you have limited or extensive experience in writing, you will learn techniques to create texts that deliver a clear message targeted to the audience. This session is of particular benefit to those who write texts aimed at the public or a broader audience, explaining programs, policies and initiatives, including those who write for websites and online documentation.


While the content is based on the federal government guidelines in “Plain Language: Clear and Simple” (booklet and website), the techniques are applicable to any business writing. The tips will help you organize information so that it makes sense to your reader. By matching vocabulary and style to the reader’s level, you will deliver a clear message. Other tips will enable you to explain technical terms with concrete words and common meanings, and to use examples that relate to the reader’s experience.


In this workshop, participants will learn how to:

  • plan, draft and revise print and online texts
  • meet readers’ information needs and keep it simple
  • produce concise sentences with key points in bullets
  • avoid jargon and use common words
  • explain technical terms with everyday examples
  • format the text so reader sees the main point quickly and easily