Corporate Project Governance

2 days
  • Senior project/program managers/directors looking to understand the criticality of corporate planning and project selection.
  • Individuals who are ready to become senior project/program managers/directors


  • The Project Managers' Toolbox or equivalent course on project planning and control or
  • a PMP (or equivalent) or
  • 5 years of project management experience.

The seminar will be focused on the corporate planning environment, including modelling the annual corporate planning process, linking the corporate process to the governance of portfolio management and project selection. Risks to the organizaiton and executives will be examined if projection selection is poorly done. Participants will not only be exposed to important concepts and terminology, but will also be presented with a case which will be the basis for several workshops, include designing a corporate planning process and project selection.




  • Defined
  • Problems


  • Media
  • Communication Impacts
    • Workshop Discussion

Organizing for Large, Complex Project Environments

  • Governance Model
  • PMOs
  • Matrix
  • Managing Dispersed Teams
    • Workshop: Setting up a PMO

Portfolio Management

  • Defined
  • Challenges
  • Portfolio Examples
    • Workshop: Defining Portfolios

Corporate Planning

  • Defined
  • Corporate Planning Model
    • Workshop: Planning Model

Risk Management

  • Overview
  • Project Risk Profile
  • Risk Management Software

Project Selection

  • Need
  • Project Selection Model
  • Project Selection Methodology
    • Workshop: Initiative Identification
    • Workshop: Initiative Selection

Conclusion & Wrap Up