LTE Fundamentals

1 days

This course only requires general knowledge of wireless engineering technical background. It is intended for personnel working in various activities related to wireless access, and who would like to enhance their knowledge about the capabilities, limitations and business models of LTE.


This one-day course is an introduction to the new broadband wireless standard known as LTE (Long Term Evolution). The course is designed to give participants a broad understanding of this new technology. The course addresses different aspects of the LTE system from the wireless access technology to networking and deployment models. The main focus of the course is to provide a comprehensive understanding of this emerging technology and the way it is expected to open up a new range of wireless applications and services.


Introduction to LTE

  • A brief history of broadband wireless
  • 3G technologies
  • Drivers for 4G techniques
  • LTE challenges

Overview of LTE Technology

  • LTE architecture
  • Access and core
  • All packet approach
  • LTE capacity

Air Interface

  • The OFDM technology
  • Achieving high capacity by MIMO
  • Simplicity and scalability
  • Relays and femto cells

The Core Network

  • Principles of all-IP core
  • The Evolved Packet Core (EPC)
  • Worldwide compatibility
  • Seamless integration with other access technologies

LTE Services

  • LTE voice services
  • Support for multimedia
  • LTE quality of service
  • Security models for broadband LTE

LTE Deployment

  • Spectrum requirements
  • Transitioning from 3G/4G
  • Radio coverage and capacity planning
  • Cost models

What is Next

  • LTE-Advanced
  • The role of ITU
  • Spectrum management
  • New services
Skills Taught: 

Upon completing this one-day course, the participants will know:

  • What is LTE
  • The main differences between 3G and 4G systems
  • The technical advantages of LTE
  • The capabilities of LTE
  • The impact of LTE on the way we communicate
  • New opportunities for services and applications
  • Basic cost comparison between 3G and 4G
  • The way LTE will likely be deployed
  • Future trends for broadband wireless