Leading Virtual Teams

2 days

Managers and Supervisors


Whether to capitalize on “green” opportunities, or address the realities of a national or international operation many organizations are working virtually. Leading a team with the old standard “MBWA” – Managing by walking around, is no longer an option. Leading a team that is virtual will require some different behaviour on the part of the manager while recognizing that an 80-20 rule will be operating. The myth is that leading virtually is a matter of using the right technology. The reality is that leading virtually requires understanding of people, culture, organization and collaboration.

This two day workshop is designed to polish your existing skills, talents and abilities while introducing some new techniques for getting the best out of a virtual team.

  • Apply the formula for virtual team performance
  • Set clear goals, objectives and expectations
  • Build ground rules for virtual behaviour
  • Establish communication etiquette
  • Create team profiles
  • Provide direct and respectful confrontations
  • Create trust between team members
  • Evaluate team and individual performance
  • Ensure that everyone speaks the same language and uses the same terms
  • Make sure that you truly are have a conference call not a broadcast
  • Know the phases that all teams, virtual included, go through
  • Make your conference calls “can’t miss events”