Negotiation Skills and Conflict Management

Strategies for win-win solutions

2 days

This workshop will be beneficial to employees at any level in either the private or public spheres, whether a manager or a team-player.


In this practical and interactive two-day workshop you will learn communication techniques that will help you to negotiate with confidence and manage conflict. Whether you are involved in a conflict situation, intervening between two parties or need to negotiate for yourself, there are specific skills that you can employ to make the process easier, less stressful, and more successful.

  • Develop communication skills that will uncover what is important and focus on the best possible outcome;
  • Learn a Principled Negotiation Process that can be applied in any type of negotiation;
  • Become more aware of your negotiation and conflict style and learn different approaches;
  • Establish a Self-Check Process so you will not be distracted or overwhelmed by emotions;
  • Develop confidence in how you communicate with difficult people;
  • Establish outcomes that are better than you anticipated;
  • Find solutions that everyone can live with;
  • Confront conflict with a focused approach;
  • Manage resistance with efficiency;
  • Build relationships so future interactions are easier to manage;
  • Become more comfortable in the many relationships that you encounter;
  • Experience less conflicting and more focused and productive interactions.