Verbal Briefings for Strategic Outcomes

How to give management the goods in only a few minutes

2 days

This workshop is designed for managers, officers, analysts, and specialists at all levels of the organization, who are responsible for providing briefings to managers and senior executives. Whether you have some or no experience with briefings, you will learn techniques to design and make presentations that are brief, while addressing the executive’s concerns and achieving the desired outcome.


This workshop provides tools and checklists that will help you to prepare for a succinct briefing that is to the point, on target and achieves your objective. You will learn about your audience, and how their information needs are often quite different than what you may want to tell them. The structure of the briefings will be centered around addressing three questions: What? So what? and Now what? You will have the opportunity to practice what you learn and receive feedback, as a few hours will be allocated for assignments during the course hours.

  • Why provide a briefing
  • Knowing your audience. Who are they, and what do they want
  • Giving information in a top-down hierarchy
  • Briefer's roles and responsibilities
  • Communication pitfalls
  • Bullet-proofing for the unexpected
  • How to sell the information
  • Making a presentation and deck basics

Ian Hornby

Ian Hornby has been providing successful training to the federal government since 1996. In addition to training, Ian is usually involved in at least one policy file as a consultant at any given time.

As a result, his workshops remain abreast of trends in governance and best practices. They also have a practical, rather than a theoretical basis. All of Ian’s workshops have been researched, designed, and presented exclusively by him.

Ian received a BA from Carleton University in 1978, and an MPA from Harvard University in 1984. He was trained by Friesen, Kaye, and Associates as a course designer and provider.