Communications 101

What you need to know to sell your ideas and work within a hierarchy

1 days

This introductory course is designed for public servants of the AS/ES/PM-1 to AS/ES/PM-5 levels or equivalent. Experience in government is not required. Government 101: How Government Works is recommended for anyone who has worked for less than three years in government, but it is not a prerequisite for any 101 workshop.



You have completed your policy analysis, a project plan, a draft contribution agreement or maybe you just need to get agreement on your vacation plan. Now you need to communicate this: maybe you actually need to sell it, a term that public servants hate to use. You will learn how to adjust your message according to your audience, the rudiments of an effective presentation, how to be assertive, and how to take feedback.

  • Understanding your audience
  • Dealing with the public
  • Understanding communications styles
  • Selling your ideas
  • Structuring a clear briefing note
  • Being assertive
  • How to stay on message
  • Active listening
  • Making presentations

“Facilitator’s approach was excellent!”

“Very Good. Particularly enjoyed and valued the group discussions.”

“Always good to see practical and real-life examples.”