Time and Project Management 101

An introduction to better controlling your workdays

1 days

This introductory course is designed for public servants of all levels. Experience in government is not required; however, Government 101: How Government Works is recommended for anyone who has worked for less than three years in government, but this workshop is not a prerequisite for this or any other 101 workshop.



Too much work and too little time: projects, tasks, do-its, to-dos, ministerial dockets, and QPs: this is the day-to-day world that you live in. This course will provide you with a suite of basic tools to help you manage your work and your time, thereby reducing your level of stress while increasing your productivity. You will learn how to manage your time more effectively, how to balance multiple, competing, and too many demands on your time; how to scope a project and create a project plan, whether the project is a week-long task or a year-long project with many team players.


This workshop provides practical tools for time management and a survey of project management. This workshop is suitable for those dealing with simple projects such as supervising a contract, preparing a major policy paper, or managing a retreat/meeting or consultation tour. Those requiring a more in-depth view of project management should consult the array of workshops offered by our Centre for Project Governance.

Workshop topics include:

  • Keys to success for both time and project management
  • Understanding your own use (and misuse) of time at work and at home
  • Creating a basic to-do list
  • Avoiding time traps and other time-wasters
  • Dealing with the boss who wants everything yesterday
  • Basic concepts of project management
  • Five phases of a project cycle
  • Project scoping: Initiation and definition
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Preparing a project initiation document
  • Preparing a team charter
  • Developing a budget and estimating a schedule with PERT
  • Managing the work



Ian Hornby has been involved in government work for more than 30 years. His work has been as diverse as press secretary to the Minister for International Trade, National Crime Prevention Week coordinator, and Executive Assistant to the Chairman of the Parole Board. His background and work straddles the two disciplines of policy analysis and communications. He has been providing a suite of cutting-edge workshops to public servants for the past fifteen years. In joining with Building Blocks in 2009, he brings with him a wealth of insights into the way government works. Ian Hornby holds an MPA from Harvard University.


Excellent examples and a good level of engagement."