ITIL® v3 Manager Bridge Certificate

5 days

Anyone with a pre-v3 Manager certificate looking to explore the new/updated information found in the v3 library.

The candidate must hold (photocopy required) the following:

  • pre-v3 ITIL® Manager Certificate

It is strongly recommended that the candidate read the ITIL® Service Lifecycle core publications prior to attending. Attending a v3 Foundation or Foundation Bridge course is also useful to begin to acclimatize to the new vocabulary, processes, functions and basic concepts.


The 5-day Manager Bridge course provides you with the fastest and easiest path to ITIL® Expert and provides the necessary information to begin assessing and utilizing the updated and new information in v3. This course will focus on the Service Lifecycle and the new and updated process/function information in a matter-of-fact format. As new concepts are expanded upon, there are frequent practical exercises to reinforce the lecture material.


This course has a number of study units with practical application to reinforce the knowledge gained. These include:

  • Service Management as a practice: Understand and articulate service" and be able to explain the concept of Service Management as a practice
  • Service Lifecycle: Understand the Service Lifecycle and the objectives and business value for each phase in the lifecycle
  • Processes: Understand the objectives, scope, concepts, activities, key metrics, roles and challenges for all the ITIL® v3 processes
  • Functions: Understand the role, objectives, organizations structures, staffing and metrics for all the ITIL® v3 functions
  • Roles & Organization: Understand each role and the responsibilities of each of the roles in ITSM

If you already possess the ITSM Manager certificate from an earlier version, the v2-v3 Manager Bridge course represents the fastest and most economical path to achieving the ITIL® Expert certificate. This course provides you with an intense and focused exploration of the new and modified topics in ITIL® v3. The course is intended for those who currently hold a pre-v3 Managers Certificate in IT Service Management and who are already proficient in ITIL’s terminology and processes.

ITIL® v3’s most significant benefit is that it shows you what to do in terms of improving IT Operations - and how to do it. All of the ITIL® v2 processes are contained within v3, with greater emphasis on how to demonstrate value to the business. Now is an opportune time to apply the lifecycle principles to your environment and ensure that continual service improvement is an integral part of the business.

Due to the advanced and in-depth nature of this course and to sufficiently prepare for the examination, it is strongly recommended that participants possess a strong comfort level with the v3 processes, activities, goals, benefits and challenges prior to attending. To gain the necessary knowledge, you should obtain and read the ITIL® v3 books prior to attending. Additionally, you may find it beneficial to take a Foundation Bridge course.