De-stressing your Work Life

Dealing with time, change, and challenging situations

2 days

This workshop will be beneficial to employees at any level in either the private or public spheres, whether or not they are currently experiencing time or change issues.


The goal of this workshop is to decrease stress levels and the risk of burnout. Your work life can be a stressful place. Sometimes that can be because of uncertainty brought on by change, competing demands on your time, or conflict in the workplace. In this workshop you will learn about how to better cope with change and how conflicts can arise and what you can do to address them. You will learn how to better organize your time and prioritize your tasks at work and home.


Stress at Work
During this session, you will complete a work stress inventory to help you identify areas of stress at work. You will also identify some solutions for work-related stress.

The Ten Commandments of Change
Sam Deep and Lyle Sussman suggest there are ten commandments associated with change. You will look at these commandments and see how they can be applied.

Preventing Problems
We will examine several key ways that can prevent problems from occurring.

Causes of Difficult Behavior
Most difficult to deal with behavior is rooted in fear. There are 4 common fears. We will examine these fears and effective ways of dealing with them.

The Role of Communication in Conflict Resolution

Active listening, paraphrasing, questioning, and body language are just a few of the tools that we can use to resolve conflict.

Seven Steps to Ironing Things Out
There are seven easy things that you can do to start resolving conflict.

Building a Solid Foundation

You will learn about the four pillars of stress management and will evaluate their work and home life in relation to these pillars.

Setting Goals
You will learn how to set SMART goals to help you manage their time better.

Planning & Prioritizing
We will explore different planning tools and their uses and teach participants techniques for identifying priorities.

The Four D’s
You will learn how to Do, Dump, Delay, or Delegate any task. You will also learn to take the STING out of feeling overwhelmed.

Organizing Your Work
You will learn how to organize your work area and how to manage paper and electronic files.


Ian Hornby


Instructor did a good job of giving relevant information and going beyond expectations."

"Leaving feeling empowered. I learned the importance of positive self-talk and taking leadership."

"An experienced instructor with excellent insight."