TB Sub ToolBox

2 days

This course is designed for policy analysts, program officers, and subject-matter experts of the ES/PM-3 to ES/PM-7 levels or equivalent and for managers. Experience in policy analysis or programme or operational design is not required. Thus, new recruits or seasoned policy analysts will all benefit from this workshop.

Participants would benefit by taking a How Government Works-style workshop in advance of this workshop, but it is not a prerequisite, as this two-day workshop includes a review of the necessary elements of the mechanics of government.



While MCs are used to receive program or policy approval from Cabinet, Treasury Board Submissions (TB Subs) are used to provide new spending authorities. This two-day workshop provides an overview of the planning environment in which TB Subs are considered. This workshop then provides strategies for preparing an effective TB Sub and for moving it through the system without unnecessary delay.

  • A detailed review of financial planning process
  • 10 keys to writing a successful TB Submission
  • Results Based Management
  • Logic models
  • Risk management
  • A glossary of terms
  • Deconstructing a TB Sub

Excellent instructor + facilitator. Responds to all questions effectively."

"Appreciated the opportunities to apply knowledge to material problems and work through analysis in groups."

"Thanks for being a great instructor and handling our questions effectively. I learned a lot and could actually apply this knowledge."

"I really enjoyed your teaching style. Your real world anecdotes were really interesting."