MC Writers’ ToolBox

1 days

This course is designed for policy analysts, program officers, and subject-matter experts of the ES/PM-3 to ES/PM-7 levels or equivalent and for managers. Experience in policy analysis or programme or operational design is not required. Thus, new recruits or seasoned policy analysts will all benefit from this workshop.

This workshop presupposes that participants are familiar with an analytical framework, similar to that discussed in the Policy Analysts' ToolBox workshop. Participants would benefit by taking a How Government Works workshop in advance of this workshop.


You will learn some of the strategies for preparing an effective Memorandum to Cabinet (MC) and for moving it through the system without unnecessary delay.

  • The Cabinet Document system
  • Understanding the MC’s audience
  • When MC’s are required; when TB Subs are required;
  • Introduction to political acuity and communications
  • Overview of policy analysis
  • Tips for effective MC-writing
  • Dealing with hierarchy
  • Deconstructing an MC

I've thoroughly enjoyed this course and hope to register for other Building Blocks courses in the near future."

"Appreciated depth of instructor's knowledge and experience."

"I appreciate the use of concrete examples and past experiences."

"Very solid course."

"Very good instructor, facilities, info."