Assertiveness and Self Confidence

Expressing yourself with conviction

2 days

Employees at all levels and from all areas.


There are very strong links between assertiveness and self confidence. How you see yourself is closely related to how you present yourself. Being able to communicate assertively and confidently is not only a requirement for success in the workplace, it will also bring you more meaningful relationships outside of the workplace. This two day workshop will improve your ability to communicate with others at all levels of the organization, express your ideas, opinions and feelings with conviction. It will also help you accept that not all of your assertive messages will be well accepted and have the self confidence to manage those situations.


What Is Assertiveness And Why It Can Be Difficult

  • Self defeating mind sets
  • Your rights and obligations
  • Setting limits
  • When are you assertive
  • What are your challenges

Internal Messages

  • Overcome self defeating mind sets
  • Moving from fear based to evidence based decisions
  • Visualization
  • Building upon success
  • Techniques for overcoming fear and anxiety
  • Becoming stress aware

Managing Your Expectations

  • Rules for living
  • Mind sets that are enhancing and self defeating
  • Shutting down your editor

Dealing with Guilt

  • Recognizing guilt as an optional emotion
  • Know where guilt comes from
  • Identifying guilt as your own manipulator
  • Replacing guilt with regret

The Present

  • Why we call it the present
  • Shifting focus to what you have
  • Perception as reality

Increasing Your Assertive Muscle

  • How to say what you mean, mean what you say and not say it mean
  • Adding impact to your messages
  • Adding feeling to your message

Dealing with Criticism

  • Accepting criticism
  • Deflection techniques
  • How to criticize others

Make strong assertive messages

  • learn how to set limits
  • how to set consequences
  • how to follow through in difficult situations
  • how to express anger and frustration;

Create Personal Action Plans

  • Identify situations or individuals that you want to get better at dealing with
  • Set the outcomes that you want to achieve
  • Work towards resolutions that are in your interest
  • Take personal responsibility for implementing change
  • Continuously work towards improving your self confidence

The instructor was very thorough and had a good sense of humor."

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