Policy Development 101

An introduction to How Policies are Developed

***This course is delivered remotely in smaller half-day segments and has a temporary two-day duration.***March 20 is being delivered in-person and also remotely

1 days

This introductory course is designed for policy analysts and program officers at the EC/PM/AS-1 to EC/PM/AS-5 levels or equivalent or for any individuals who are looking to better understand the policy-making environment. Experience in policy analysis or programme or operational design is not required.


This workshop provides an introduction to policy development for both program officers and policy analysts. You will learn how policies are developed within government, the difference amongst big- and small-P policy and policy instruments and a basic analytical framework within which policy can be formulated and analyzed. This workshop constitutes the first day of the Policy Analysts’ToolBox (3-day) workshop.

  • What is policy?
  • The government-wide process for developing and approving policies
  • How do you write a policy
  • A basic framework for policy analysis
  • Identifying the causes of a problem