Towards Anti-Racism in the Workplace

1 days

Employees, managers and decision makers who wish to contribute to and create a more inclusive workplace reflective of Canada’s diversity and free of racism.


Canada is built on the traditional land of Indigenous Peoples and much of it remains unceded. Canada is also a multiracial society that has been classified into twelve distinct racialized groups by the federal government which are referred to as “visible minorities.” As in all nations of diversity, racial tensions exist in all spheres of life in Canada – in our social, cultural, political and educational institutions, and in the workplace. Understanding issues related to race, racism and anti-racism is paramount to creating an equitable and inclusive workplace. This workshop will provide you with important knowledge to better identify and understand racism in context. In addition to learning about racist attitudes and practices as contemporary social and political problems, you will learn practical approaches and strategies on how to counter racism and build welcoming and inclusive environments in the workplace.

Instruction Methodology: 

The workshop consists of a combination of lectures and directed activities, where questions and exchanges are strongly encouraged.


Pascasie is an author and PhD candidate in Philosophy in Feminist and Gender Studies. As part of her international experience, Pascasie participated in humanitarian dialogues in Germany and Tanzania to find a solution to the political crisis that swept over Burundi in 2015. Within the university community in Ottawa and Toronto, she gives workshops on accessibility to higher education for people of color, and on other social justice topics, including Canadian diversity; gender and colonization; racism and anti-racism; international development, globalization and gender; and feminism and gender.