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Cannabis Pracademic Summit

Cannabis Institute for Policy and Learning Partners with Cannabis Pracademic Summit

The Cannabis Institute for Policy and Learning has partnered with the Cannabis Pracademic Summit which will be held in Quebec City on August 22, 2018 in connection with the Institute of Public Administration Conference (IPAC). Drawing from 50 experts in their fields, sessions will be hosted on political, economic and publish health themes. An evening session features a Dinner Panel and Discussion on Cannabis Legalization and Professional Sport, featuring researchers and professional athletes.

The purpose of this summit, held in an innovative café style, is to bring together public policy practitioners, academics, and citizen to mobilize knowledge and drive positive ongoing policy research innovation. It features experts from Canada and the United States who will share information, challenges and learnings to drive more effective policy and approaches in support of better outcomes.

This event aligns perfectly with the mission of Cannabis Institute for Policy and Learning, which was created to help government, corporations and non-government organizations adapt to the rapidly shifting landscape that is emerging with the legalization of cannabis. The Institute takes an educational role from the established policy base which can be shared with government, industry and not for profit organizations. The basis is that education is foundational – information makes better policy that leads to better outcomes.

Confirmed thought-leaders and experts include:

  • Dr. Jared Wesley, University of Alberta, Political Science
  • Dr. Dave Snow and Andrew Train, University of Guelph, Political Science
  • Dr. Tony Silvaggio, Humboldt State University, Environment and Community
  • Dr. Jason Childs, University of Regina, Economics
  • Tiffanie Perrault, Université de Montréal, Economiques
  • Dr. Anindya Sen, University of Waterloo, Economics
  • Dr. Andrew Hathaway, University of Guelph, Sociology and Anthropology
  • Dr. Josh Meisel, Humboldt State University, Sociology
  • Dr. Tara Marie Watson, Centre for Addictions and Mental Health

Workshop Objectives

The workshop has three principal objectives:

  1. To stimulate interdisciplinary research across political science, economics, and sociology.
  2. To kickstart transnational research across the Canada / US border.
  3. To deepen pracademic collaboration on cannabis legalization.

In the short term, this cooperation will manifest itself in an edited volume on the Politics and Policy of Cannabis in the United States and Canada, and the establishment of diverse and effective research teams to further study the process of cannabis legalization from a range of perspectives.

In the longer term, the workshop will build the foundation for an interdisciplinary, transnational, pracademic network around the topic of cannabis legalization. By inviting practitioners to join academics in the discussions, the workshop will provide a rare venue for conversation among these two communities, promoting genuine engagement in policy development and implementation, thus bridging the conventional gap in knowledge between public servants and scholars.

Watch the importance of Cannabis Training

David Goldsmith, Chief Operating Officer, Cannabis Institute for Policy & Learning, outlines why organizations need to familiarize themselves with the new cannabis legislation to avoid costly challenges and to increase engagement.

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Date and Time

Wed, August 22, 2018
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM EDT


Hilton Quebec
1100 Boulevard René-Lévesque Est
Québec, QC G1R 4P3